World Kidney Run 2011 Dataran Merdeka


My running form. Too much butt…..

I’ve entered for my second race in March. Woo hoo. It’s a 5km running events on 20 March organised by the Malaysian National Kidney Foundation (NKF) in conjunction with the World Kidney Day on March 10.

I will be competitor C2167.

My father passed away of renal kidney failure so this event holds special meaning for me and i am going to dedicate this run in the memory of my late father, Mohamed Ali Bin Abdul Aziz.

Some of us have demons within us. Demons that holds ourselves back. Demons that causes us to sabotage our success. Demons that makes us less than who we can truly become. My father did not have an easy end to his life and even now when I recall how he spent the last few years of his life, I cannot help but feel the sadness in my heart. I wish I could have done more to make things more comfortable for him. I wish I was more compassionate and kinder to him and I regret that I wasn’t.

Every night I think of my father and how I lost him and wish things were different. Could a simple running event make amends? I don’t know. Every step, every breath and every inch when I move forward would be in his memory.

If you have regrets, find ways to make amends and don’t let the regret rule the way you live. You may not be able to change things that has already happened no matter how much you desire so, but you can find a way to make amends so that you can continue to live as you were supposed to. The price of not accepting it is to unbearable to mention.

Let’s see what happens at the race…

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  1. >Good Luck for Sunday. Found your blog as I had my first swim coaching session with AA last night.I am also training for triathlon, although olympic is my target for now rather than IM.I did a sprint event at the beginning of the month in australia – 400m swim, 10k bike, 4.5k run. Swim was horrible – hence needing work there…. good luck – hope to see you at some events..

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