>Weekly Report 28 Feb – 6 March 2011


A glimpse of my new running top…   

Monday Swim

Wednesday Swim
Thursday Bike and swim
Friday Full fitness test and medical check and running form analysis
Saturday Swim and 5km run
Sunday rest

2 significant events this week. The first is mastery of swimming. Ever since my first swimming lesson I’ve spent a lot of time in the pool improving on my technique. There are still a lot to learn and I’m beginning to be intimidated by my lack of grace in swimming. I know I have to keep at it and improve bit by bit. Maybe I’m just eager to get it over and done with which is not a good sign. Have to be more patient.

The second is the result of my fitness test which is nothing short of amazing, at least to me. I was never in the best of shape and getting the results that I got was not only a relief but a vindication of my efforts. It wasn’t all rosy and there were a lot of pain and struggle. Maybe that’s the reason why the results were as good as they are.
This week I am going to focus on more swimming and also pay attention to my cycling which really has not had any gains at all.
Another thing. You may have noticed more videos being uploaded as well as more ‘creative pictures’. That’s thanks to my new camera that’s making everything so much fun for me. If you swim and don’t have an underwater camera, go get one.
Cheers and thanks for supporting me…..

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