>Weekly Report 21 Feb-27 Feb 2011


Running at Putrajaya by
the waterfront  

This week has been a bit topsy turvy for me as far as training is concerned:

Monday Swim
Tuesday Run
Wednesday Run
Thursday Elliptical
Friday Off
Saturday Off
Sunday Swim, run and elliptical

The big news for this week is swimming is now part of the routine. Ever since my first swimming lesson I have been focussing on swimming technique and trying to improve it. My immediate aim is to be able to swim at a consistent speed an extended period of time. Much like my running I want to be able to put some distances in before I do any speedwork. Definitely my swimming cannot be described as remotely fast. I still feel clumsy in the pool and am not able to do the maintain a consistent form. If my form was consistent (even if wrong) then I can work on correcting it. At the moment I don’t know what to correct.

I am very interested in Terry Loughlin’s  Total Immersion Swimming and am looking around for swimming clinics based on that technique. Can’t find it in Malaysia so I’m looking to probably attend 1 in Singapore. There are some very good resources on Youtube by Terry. One learning that rally had an impact on me was when he said that only 3% of our energy is used for propulsion and 97% is wasted energy (you can catch it on one of his videos on the blog which is shown on Terry’s link earlier). So he said that whilst running and cycling is about building the engine, swimming is about shaping the vessel. What a profound statement. More so than cycling and running, mastering proper form in swimming will have a profound impact on performance.

Big lesson for the week. Improving technique should be the first thing exercise in anything we do.

The rest of the week was a a big disappointment as I had 2 unplanned off days. I did try to make it up today with swimming and running but I didn’t really feel good during the swim and felt worse during the run.

Next week will be better….

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