>Weekly Log 7 – 13 March 2011


My first medal and certificate for completing the FT Day 2011 7km run

OK. This is a week of firsts and I am very satisfied with this weeks efforts.

This is how the week went:

Monday 5km run
Tuesday Brickish bike and run
Wednesday Elliptical Trainer
Thursday Running drills
Friday Pre race jitters
Saturday FT Day 2011 7km run
Sunday Swim and run

The highlight of this week was the DT Day 2011 7km run, my first race ever (see here for the FT Day 2011 7km Race Report)

It was a bit painful at the beginning but the last 2km felt awesome. I managed a time of 63 minutes which earns me a bronze medal in my personal target system. I was really hoping for a silver medal and would have gotten it had I not stopped to walk for a few minutes (silver medal for this race was 55-60 mins). But I got a medal (my first) and a certificate (my first) not to mention the race t-shirt (my first). Not to forget my first race number and bib – C155.

So lot’s of first this week.

Me and my first medal, first  t-shirt, first certificate   

Based on the timing of 63 minutes I would have been running a 9 min per km pace which is just about the times I achieve during my personal runs. Not bad for an overweight couch potato eh?

Next week is another race using the same route (less 2km as the race is 5km)- the 5km World Kidney Run at Dataran Merdeka.

I now have a lot of data from this run that I can use for the next one. I’ll still adopt the pre race rituals and preparations that I used this week. I’ll write about some of the major changes I’m trying out later in the week.

Anyway, another week done. Can’t wait for next week.

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