>Weekly Log 4 – 10 April 2011


This week was pretty much focussed on cycling as it is the most neglected discipline for me. I really must make sure I pay equal attention to all 3 discipline of swimming, cycling and running. I am still at the base phase of my training which is about technique, distance and weight lost. But in a few weeks time, I will enter the build phase where I will focus a lot more on pace and strength.

This is how the week went.

Monday Swim
Tuesday Swim and Run
Wednesday Brick Cycle and Run
Thursday OFF
Friday Brick Cycle and Run
Saturday Cycle and Cross Training
Sunday Cycle and Run


One thing that I learnt during my POSE running drill yesterday is not to just do the drills and (whether in swimming cycling or running) and hope that things will improve. There must be a conscious effort to incorporate the particular movement or technique into the activity itself. For instance, I’ve been sort of blindly doing drills in the swimming pool, lap after lap. Although I know there has been some improvements, I don’t think the improvements are as drastic as they can be. A better way is to do the drill for 1 lap and swim normally on the return lap and trying to incorporate the particular drill into my technique during the return lap. That way, the drills has context and I am more aware of the improvement.


The big difference about the swim is that I am now doing new strokes taught to me by my swim coach. There are definitely much tougher than the ones I have been doing. I have to focus more on balance, kicking as well as my recovery. 
I biked for nearly 80km this week which I think is more than I’ve done in the last 4 weeks. As I said earlier, this is the neglected discipline by design as I know that whatever happens, I can just use brute force to get through the bike phase. I can’t do that in the swimming nor the running. Still, time to pay attention to it now and I think based on what I’ve been doing this week there is hope. I am less stressed about cycling now than I was a week ago.
I incorporated a session dedicated to running drills and technique yesterday and I think I’m going to make it as part of my routine for every run plus an extended one once a week. It’s fun to do the drills and I think it’ll help me improve my running economy as well as pace.
2 brick sessions this week and both of them different. The main difference being the bike timing. You can read about it in the individual posts I listed above. One thing for certain, I know I have the endurance to do both the 20km bike and the 5 km run. Once I am able to the a 750m swim and 20km bike then I have a better idea of what’s going to happen during a race environment and my mind can work out what I need in terms of training. I actually can’t wait for the swim bike brick.
Read about my transition experience here and here. Legs felt like jelly after the bike workout and I have to find a way to ‘reactivate’ my legs for running.
Next week I’m going to have a balanced week between all three disciplines. In a few weeks time I should reach 90kg then I’ll start focussing on power.
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