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Big week this week. Very big week in fact. Read on to find out what happened and what’s happening.

This is how my week went.

Monday Rest
Tuesday Bike/Run Brick
Wednesday Run
Thursday Rest
Friday Swim, Bike and Run Brick
Saturday Run
Sunday Run


I am getting paranoid about my swim. On some days I feel like my swimming is going well. On others I feel like giving up. It could be natural for me to feel this way but I’m more worried the fact that I can’t seem to find consistency in my swimming. I wasn’t able to go to my Triathlon swimming workouts this week as I decided to take thursday off. I’ll definitely go this week and maybe go twice a week until I get my swimming to a reasonably consistent standard.

I’ve read in many blogs, forums and book that swimming is the discipline with the shortest distance and therefore time. An hour spent improving on swimming technique is better spent on improving running or cycling techniques. I tend to agree with that except for 1 caveat. The improvements in race time based on hours spent on either 1 of the disciplines would be different based on the levels and performance of each disciplines. Based on that, improvements in race time would gradually begin to be less noticeable as performance and techniques improve. Until and unless I get to the point of incremental changes in the disciplines then there’s a lot of work to be done. To put it in another way, I think I would get a reasonable time in both cycling and swimming at the current state of my performance. However, my performance in swimming is a huge big question mark and is unknown.

The fact that swimming is the first discipline in any triathlons also doesn’t help matter much. I have to get to my cycling and running and to do that I have to go through the swim. If I’m too slow my motivation and focus could be in jeopardy. And there’s always he danger of quitting in the swim which would be a real bummer.

What does all this mean? Well, basically I have decided to put swimming as the top priority for this year.


I only managed one swim workout this week. This is a very busy week as far as work is concerned and by the time I got home, its too late to go to the pool.


I did 2 bike workout this week both of which were part of a brick workout. More about that later.


I ran 5 times this week. 2 of them part of a bike/run brick workout (I’ll talk about this on my brick portion of this log) and 2 others part of a long run.

The long run on saturday was 10km and the long run on sunday was a shorter 7km. This is part of my strategy to increase distance in preparation for the 7km and 10km runs that coming up. The last time I ran 10km was in february so the longer time running took some getting used to. I managed to find a 1km route near where I live so it’s now easier for me to judge distances and time. I wrote last week that I’m feeling some pain in my left ankle and knees. I find that working on my technique and being very aware of how I’m running actually makes my legs feel better. It seems that the more I run (with proper technique of course) the better my legs feel. Right now, there’s no pain anyway. At least now that I have to focus on my form and technique, my mind will have less opportunity to do it’s usual negative thing.


I did a brick workout on tuesday which was like any other brick workouts in the past but the big news is my first full swim/bike/run brick workout on friday.

You can read the full post by going to the link. I’ll just write here that it was tough but fun and I can’t wait to do it again.


OK. This week I registered for 4 events:

8 May 2011 Larian Bomba 2011 10km

19 June 2011 Hoohathlon Putrajaya

2 October 2011 Adidas King Of The Road 16.8km

And last but not least,

22 July 2011 Port Dickson International Triathlon 2011 Sprint Event

My weekend is getting full as there’s more events that I want to enter (see here for my Competition Log).

The other news is that I have registered for the Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) Olympic Distance Triathlon which will be held on 29 May 2011 in Melaka. Yup That’s right, 29 May 2011 which is now 4 weeks away. I wrote a long post talking about it and you can read the details there.

So there you go. Next saturday is the Larian Bomba 2011 which is held in celebration of World’s Firefighters day. This will be my longest distance event so far and the cut off time is 90 mins.

Let’s see what happens at the race….

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