Weekly Log 2 May – 8 May 2011


Another week has gone by. This would be my 13th Weekly Log. Time really flies.
This is how my week went.
Wednesday Run
Thursday Bike and Swim
There are 2 highlights of the week which is thursday’s Swim workout as well as sunday’s Larian Bomba race (read The Larian Bomba’s Race Report)

I had my very first Triathlon Swim workout on thursday at the National Aquatic Center. I swam a total of 2.6 km (32 laps) and did a lot of drills to improve technique and eventually my pace. It was the first that I had a chance to mix with other people who were training for the triathlon. Interesting bunch. Read the 5 May 2011 Daily Log to find out what happened.
This is the longest event that I have ever entered. My last event before the Larian Bomba was the Energizer Night Race 5.5 km about a month ago. Read the Larian Bomba 2011 Race Report for details.
I managed to better my 10km personal best by 7 minutes at the Larian Bomba and it now stands at 93 mins 01 secs. Good news and I know I can do better next time. I am determined to break the 90 minute barrier soon.
Let’s see what happens in the coming week.
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