Weekly Log 16 May – 22 May 2011

WEEKLY LOG 16 MAY – 22 MAY 2011

Another week has gone by. This would be my 15th Weekly Log. 8 weeks till the PD triathlon. 6 weeks to get my act together and 2 weeks to taper and prepare for the race.

This is how my week went.

Monday Swim
Tuesday Core Workout and Brick Bike/Run
Wednesday Run
Thursday Swim
Friday Cross Train
Saturday Pre-Race
Sunday Race – Larian Hari Keputeraan Sultan Azlan Shah 2011 7km

2 significant events happened this week, my thursday swim workout and of course sunday’s race.


I felt my swim was a disaster on thursday. I’ve been working on my swim stroke for a good 3 months now and have been able to get some consistency in my swimming- slow but steady.

The triathlon swim workout is all about pace and speed and thursday’s workout didn’t disappoint in that area.

I got a bit disheartened after the workout and was actually contemplating giving up. It lasted only for awhile but still it’s a wake up call for me. I have to go back to basics now as fas as swimming is concerned and rebuild my swimming technique. So this week is all about swimming and technique. I will still go for the thursday swimming workout but I’ll be more compassionate with myself and just remember the objective – which is to finish the triathlon.


Well. The race was full of drama for me and you can read about it in the Race Report. I learnt a lot a that race and I think I will be better prepared for future races.


Although I didn’t go under 60 minutes as planned, I did manage a personal best of 60 mins 55 secs, bettering my previous personal best for the 7km of 63 minutes which I ran at the FT Day Run way back in March.

Despite some setbacks, this has been a great week.

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