>Weekly Log 14 – 20 March 2011


At the World Kidney 7km run

This is how this week went.

Monday Rest
Tuesday Run
Wednesday Morning Run and cross training
Thursday Swim and Run
Friday Swim
Saturday Rest and Pre Race Prep
Sunday World Kidney Run And swim

What a week. I am feeling quite tired at the moment and am looking forward to resting these next few days. I’m making a lot of changes starting from this week. The week after next is when my official training for the triathlon starts. Things are looking very daunting for me now. If I don’t improve my swim, bike and run soon, my first triathlon could be quite a painful experience.

I’m feeling very tired as I write this and am looking forward to a long and good night sleep.

I know I deserve it. Today was a good day despite my setbacks.

I’ll write about my thoughts and the training tomorrow.

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