Weekly Log 13 – 19 June 2011

WEEKLY LOG 13 – 19 JUNE 2011

Lots of things happened last week which was a week full of drama. This is a summary of the weeks activities:

Swimming tok centre stage as far as providing the drama is concerned. If you notice I spent a considerable amount of time swimming in an effort to get myself ready for the swim portion of a triathlon. This are not going so well in this area. On thursday I had a big blowout due to my frustrations in improving my swimming.
I had a great week at running this week. I ran my fastest 5km on tuesday, running in at 37:06 and therefore beating my personal best by about 2 mins.
On sunday I raced in the Hoohathlon which is a mini triathlon comprising of a 150m swim, a 10km bike ride and ending with a 5km run. Here are the highlights of the race:
As much as I mentally prepared myself for the swim I still struggled and I couldn’t get my act together. What should have been a 5 minute swim turned to about 10 as I had to slowly get through the swim using my extremely slow breaststroke.
The bike was the highlight for the race for me as I turned in a time of 23 mins which is my fastest pace so far for the bike. I wished the bike portion was longer as I was really cruising on the bike and had lots of fun.
The run portion was a bit painful for me as my left ankle and left leg (and left everything) started to get painful and cramping up. It’s the first time I have cramped up in a run which is not a good sign. I have to pay more attention to any warning signs.
Not long to go for the PD Triathlon. 31 days to be exact. 31 days to get my swimming in order and frankly speaking, that’s the only thing I am focussing on. I know I can get through the bike and run legs. But to get to them I have to go through the swim. I must focus.
This week is all about swimming though I have to make sure I get a bit of running as I prepare for next sunday’s KL International Marathon 10 km run which I am entered for.

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