>Weekly Log 11 – 17 April


At the Energizer Night Race

Whoops. I forgot to write my Weekly Log for last week and I’ve already written my Daily Log for today. Never mind. For the sake of completeness I’ll write it now. There’s a lot to write for this week so I’ll continue this post tomorrow.

Monday Rest
Tuesday Bike Trainer 
Wednesday Run and Swim
Thursday Brick Bike and Run
Friday Pre Race and Cross Train
Saturday Energizer Night Race 2011
Sunday Run


Obviously the highlight of the week is the Energizer Night Race on saturday. So much drama which is still being talked about on the various blogs and Facebook pages. Energizer has issued a press release to the effect that they are now taking over the distribution of the finishers bag as well as honouring their commitment to offer a full refund.

I think it’s a great gesture by Energizer as I am sure it is a huge financial undertaking. About RM600k worth of refund and maybe a similar amount for the finishers bag.

I just hope this doesn’t discourage Energizer from holding an ENR in 2012.


I’ve been thinking about my performance during the ENR and did some analysis of it.

These are my POLAR data for that run:

Time 49.02 mins
Average cadence 76
Average stride length 53 cm
Average Heart Rate 84% MHR
Running distance 3.90 km (note that distance is inaccurate as my stride sensor needs to be calibrated)
Calories burnt 785 kcal

I am not exactly sure why my time was so slow. I expected to have done the 5.5km in at most 45 minutes but I ended up doing in in 49 minutes. If I were to extrapolate (or is it intrapolate) the time and distance, my 5 km time would have been about 44 minutes which is my normal pace when I run at home and very far off my personal best of 39 minutes 15 secs for the 5km. For that run my POLAR data were as follows:

Time 39 minutes 15 secs
Average cadence 79
Average stride length 70 cm
Average Heart Rate 74% MHR
Running distance 4.37 km (note that distance is inaccurate as my stride sensor needs to be calibrated)
Calories burnt 517 kcal

Notice that my cadence is higher at 79 and my average stride length is also longer by about 17cm. And to top it all off, I was using less effort (74% MHR as opposed to the 84% at the ENR).

Strange isn’t it. My shorter strides and lesser cadence were making me work harder. I am sure a lot of it is psychological. I think the race conditions is making me hold back a lot maybe for fear of not being able to complete the run and my running form deteriorates because of that.

I think that’s why I decided to start doing core conditioning workout. To give me that added security and confidence to trust my training. At the moment it.s obvious that I’m not.

Enuff said….

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