Training Tip – How to start running 2



For those of you who would like to start running (but don’t know where to start) I recommend you download Coach Roy Benson‘s Precision Running PDF. You can download it here. I’ve bought and read a lot of books on running and this free resource is actually as good if not better. It’s written for both the beginner as well as the competitive runner. If you have a heart rate monitor and have not gone beyond just looking to check what your heart rate is, Precision Running will share how to use the heart rate monitor properly and help make all the miles worth.

Happy Running….

NOTE: I need to start reminding people that all the tips I write about comes from books and articles that I read. I am hardly the expert on the stuff and am still learning the stuff. If you haven’t been working out or running for a lont time, make sure you check with your doctors before you start working out. Better to be safe

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