Training Tip – How to start running 1


Planning to start running?
The worse thing you can do is to get out there and start running.
The best thing to do is to get out there and start running.
Well, I actually started running about a year ago. When exactly I forget. I got deeply inspired one day and went to look for my trainers and started running. I lasted exactly 1 minute and decided to call it off. I was heaving, puffing, panting and grasping for air by the end of the minute and I had run for about 50 meters. I quickly lost my inspiration and got very frustrated and I didn’t actually run again for about 4 months.
You see, I (and I suspect a lot of people like me) thought that running was something that requires great exertion. So first time runners (like me then) or people who’s led a sedentary lifestyle (like me again) would make the mistake of pushing to hard too soon. When we push too hard too soon, it becomes, you guessed it, HARD. And when we hit that wall, like I did, we tend to give up because it suddently becomes TOO HARD.
My advice is to start gently and slowly. You don’t have to run like a champion runner (at least not yet). Find a pace that works for you. When I found a pace that works for me, it became easy and I feel like I could run forever. My pace at that time (and even now) is awfully slow and I wouldn’t be winning any races but I managed to lose 22 kgs because of that slow pace. I wrote a post about this concept of training slower to run faster. Have a read. It makes a lot of sense.
Now I’m running with the same effort as I did 6 months ago but I know I’m gradually getting faster and faster And just a few days ago, I ran my fastest 5km which is about 40 minutes faster on that distance than when I started just over 5 months ago.

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