The speech of HRH Sultan Azlan Shah

I was moved to write about this speech given by HRH Sultan Azlan Shah on 29 October 2007 at the Opening Ceremony of the 14th Malaysian Law Conference. Many have written about it and if you do a search on google, you can find the views of all the commentators about how wonderful it is and I would echo the sentiment.

I hope that perhaps one day many years from today we can look to this speech and say, ‘well, that started it all and look how good things are today’.

I was having dinner with some friends today and we were lamenting the good old days of freedom and justice and one thing my friend said about India’s judiciary struck a chord deep within me. He said that the depth of India’s judicial system and thinking has achieved the level of sophistication which is deeply admired aroud the world because everyone there is a fierce protector and promoter of the constitution.

As I heard my friend tell me these stories, I was reminded of a speech made by HRH Raja Nazrin Shah at the Malaysian Bar Council
on April 4 2007. Again, I would echo the sentiments sentiments of people who applauded the speech

As I read the text of these 2 speeched, one question kept coming up in my mind- ‘What do we do now?’.

If I believe the future to be bleak, what am I doing to prevent it from being bleak?

If I believe the future to be bright, what am I doing to make sure it is bright?

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