The other part of Right Eye

One of the things I hardly write about is my other life which is to provide training and consultancy services. It’s something that I enjoy doing and is right up there with photography as my passions in life. And I have to say I have been getting excellent results so far. One of the programmes I do is training in presentation skills. At the moment it’s called powerful presentations. Not very original I know so I am now embarking on a complete revamp of all modules (including the branding).

One thing I learn is that I don’t have to teach people how to present or communicate. All I need to do is build their confidence. It sounds easy (and to a certain extent it is). As long as an environment for growth is created and people feel safe, you can pretty much teach them anything. In the next few weeks I will write about some of the stuff I do during these modules.

Meanwhile, below is my latest group of participants. Brilliant people and they grew so much during the modules. I keep a video record of their presentations right from the first one to the very last and some of them became quite outstanding.
Me and My Class

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