Take Charge For Majlis Belia Negeri Terengganu

I just came back from conducting the Take Charge Leadership Programme for Majlis Belia Negeri Terengganu in Pulau Kapas, Terengganu. I can safely say it was the most adventurous training I have ever conducted.

We had about 30 Learners in the session and everyone was really going all out participating. My team and I had a lot of fun and were kinda sad it had to end.

The sunsets here are especially gorgeous and I wish we were able to spend more time out on the beach than inside listening to me.

We went through all the sessions including Result, Action, Mindset and Belief. I hope it made an impact to the Learners. I had the chance to brush up on my BM and you wouldn’t believe the BM words and phrases that I was coming up with. But I think the participants got it and they were receptive to it.

Anyway, I wish them all the very best and make doa for their long life and good fortune.

Here’s a mega group selfie (see if you can spot me).

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