Race Report – Hoohathlon 19 June 2011




After last nights disaster, I was hoping that today was free from drama. We arrived at the venue to pick up our race gear at about 6:15. As soon as I arrived, a few people had come up to me and asked, ‘are you Reza Ali’? Unbelievably, it turns out that they were actually people who follow my blog. So for a few brief moments I became a celebrity. The organisers were very enthusiastic about me turning up and had asked if they could interview me. I obliged (which was a big mistake) as I was rambling on and on. I can’t actually remember what I said. I hope the soundbytes are good. This is not the time to look like an idiot.

The most exciting thing for me during the pre race prep was getting my arms marked with my race number. I was told that I was the first one to register so I was given the race number ‘2001’ which I thought was quite cool.

After all that, it was time for me to start preparing my transition area. My bike (being racer 2001) was stationed right at the front near the bike exit area. We had gone through the transition area setup during the Triathlon Clinic and I was eager to put it into practice.

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Daily Log 29 April 2011



Aim low. Train small.

Aim High. Train big.

Which one gives a better result?

There are 83 days left to the Port Dickson International Triathlon which makes it 12 weeks from today. I will start my 12 weeks Sprint Triathlon training come this monday. I believe the brain is a powerful thing, more powerful than we can ever imagine. If you give it a problem or a challenge it will work on it until it finds a solution. Of course you have to make sure you ask the right question otherwise the answer will just not make sense or even worse, the answer is completely contrary to what you want.

So today I gave it a problem to solve and I’m giving my brain 12 weeks to find the solution. In exactly 12 weeks from tonight it will be the eve of my first sprint triathlon event and in approximately 10 hours time I will begin the race. So today, I simulated the sprint triathlon by doing a brick workout. Though I’ve done brick workouts before, this is the first time I did all three disciplines in a single (well singlish anyway) workout. I went to the pool and swam 1.3km, rushed back home and did a 20km bike ride followed immediately by a 5km run. Though the racing conditions won’t be the same (I think there was a gap of about 40 minutes between my swim and bike workout), it’s close enough. In week 12 I intend to do the same workout and hopefully I will do it at Port Dickson itself (but that’s another story).

Having done the workout, all I have to do is just ask myself (and my brain) what is the solution to me completing the sprint triathlon with the following time:

Swim – 12 minutes
T1 – 3 minutes
Bike – 25 minutes
T2 – 3 minutes
Run – 30 minutes

Total Time – 73 minutes

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>Weekly Log 4 – 10 April 2011

> This week was pretty much focussed on cycling as it is the most neglected discipline for me. I really must make sure I pay equal attention to all 3 discipline of swimming, cycling and running. I am still at the base phase of my training which is about technique, distance and weight lost. But …

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Daily Log 8 April 2011 – Cycle and Run Brick


Yesterday was a disaster for me. For some reason I wasn’t able to sleep till about 4 in the morning and I had to be up by 7. 3 hours sleep is not good for the body. As a result, I felt lethargic and tired all day. I couldn’t even summon the energy to do any workouts so I decided to take the day off and focus on the other important things in my life- like work.

After resting for a full 48 hours I felt like a million bucks today and I was inspired to do some hard workouts. Last time I worked out was 2 days ago and I did a cycle and run brick workout. Cycling has been something I have neglected for the last 3 weeks, preferring instead to work on my swimming. So this week I’ve decided to focus on my cycling. Today I decided to repeat my efforts and do another cycle and brick workout.

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Daily Log 6 April 2011 – Cycle and Run Brick



I finally got my butt on the bike today after about a week of not cycling. I now have to make sure that I don’t leave my cycling behind. If I do, I know I have to pay for that omission sometime during a triathlon event.

Today my cycling was part of a brick cycle/run workout. The last time I did a brick workout was in Feb so today’s workout is meant to signal me making the bicycle a serious affair.  I also wanted to make sure that I match as closely a triathlon Transition situation.

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