Daily Log 11 May 2011




One of the most important component of preparing for any sports (or for that matter any activity, sports or non-sports) is to have a training plan. Training plans helps me keep myself focussed on what I need to do to prepare for a race. I’ve read a lot of books and there’s also a lot of training plans out there on the web. So far, my own training plan is a bit haphazard as I used to focus a lot on losing weight and building my aerobic base. So the plan was very simple. Swim, cycle and run at a low intensity (65%-80% MHR) and do it for about an hour or so.

About 3 weeks ago I transitioned to building pace and power in order to get faster times. This is a completely different type of training and involves more interval work and sometimes goes up to 80%-90% MHR in terms of intensity. The downside to this is that the workouts are much shorter and I do tend to get worried that I’m not achieving much.

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Daily Log 9 May 2011



After a week of focussing on running I wanted to have a relaxing easy day today so I went for some laps at the pool. I bought myself some paddles and i wanted to get familiar with them before I go for my second triathlon swim workout.

One of my main issues with swimming is to be able to do bilateral breathing, i.e. breathing on both sides. Right now I breath on my right side. Though far from perfect, my breathing on my right side is far more graceful and superior than the breathing on my left.

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Daily Log 5 May 2011

> TRAINING TIP I’ve been reading up on bike workouts and found a really useful and easy reference by POLAR written by  Dr Matt Brick called Precision Multisport. Dr Matt Brick is a sports orthopedic surgeon who also happens to be a very successful professional duathlete and triathlete so he must know what’s he’s talking about.  In …

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Training Tip – How to start running 2

> TRAINING TIP For those of you who would like to start running (but don’t know where to start) I recommend you download Coach Roy Benson‘s Precision Running PDF. You can download it here. I’ve bought and read a lot of books on running and this free resource is actually as good if not better. …

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>Weekly Log 25 April – 1 May 2011

> WEEKLY LOG Big week this week. Very big week in fact. Read on to find out what happened and what’s happening. This is how my week went. Monday RestTuesday Bike/Run BrickWednesday RunThursday RestFriday Swim, Bike and Run BrickSaturday RunSunday Run TRAINING TIP I am getting paranoid about my swim. On some days I feel …

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Daily Log 27 April 2011



You ever get the feeling that once in awhile everything just seems to click together? It felt like that with my running today. I am entering a new phase of my training. All my workouts in the last 6 months has been focussed on building mileage in all the 3 triathlon disciplines. This is often referred to as the Base Phase. Often the Base Phase is not as long as what I went through and the reason is that I’ve been focussing on losing weight. Hence I preferred my workouts to be slow (i.e. between 65% – 80% MHR) so that I would burn more fat. Another reason is that I have not been doing any real exercise in about 10 years or so. I didn’t want to shock my body that much. Besides, training should focus on either one of two objectives, weight or power and these 2 objectives shouldn’t be mixed.

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Daily Log 24 April 2011


Ever had a bad day or even a miserable one? I’ve been having a bad week this week and it’s not a great feeling.

One of the most profound concept I have ever come across comes from Brian Tracy’s Change Your Thinking Change Your Life.  The book contains a lot of sound principles and the one that impacted me most is the concept of Self Ideal versus Self Image.

We go to movies and root for the hero and sometimes we fantasize and idealise that we are the heroes we are rooting for. Growing up, I used to daydream that I was the Jedi Knight destined to save the galaxy or the archeologist adventurer off to far away lands in my hat and bull whip or even the underdog boxing hopeful having to fight against all odds. It makes me feel good to become the hero, even if it is only in my mind.

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>Weekly Log 4 – 10 April 2011

> This week was pretty much focussed on cycling as it is the most neglected discipline for me. I really must make sure I pay equal attention to all 3 discipline of swimming, cycling and running. I am still at the base phase of my training which is about technique, distance and weight lost. But …

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Daily Log 10 April 2011 – Bike and Run

Woo hoo and yee haa. It’s the end of the week and I get to rest tomorrow. This is the week for the bike and I did a lot of cycling this week- 4 work outs.


I pushed hard with the bike today. I created a little programme in my POLAR RS 800:

Phase 1 Warm up 15 minutes
Phase 2 Hard 20km
Phase 3 Warm down 15 minutes

This is significantly a harder workout than I am used to on the bike. Previously I had just cycled for 40 minutes including warm up and warm downs. Warm up and warm downs are extremely important in my workout but should not necessarily factor into my statistics when I want to analyse how I’m doing. The reason is that my warm up and warm down sessions are usually low intensity and factors such as cadence and pace go really out the window. I wanted to determine how long it will take me to bike for 20km at my ‘race pace’.

My POLAR data are as follows:

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Training Tip – How to start running 1


Planning to start running?
The worse thing you can do is to get out there and start running.
The best thing to do is to get out there and start running.
Well, I actually started running about a year ago. When exactly I forget. I got deeply inspired one day and went to look for my trainers and started running. I lasted exactly 1 minute and decided to call it off. I was heaving, puffing, panting and grasping for air by the end of the minute and I had run for about 50 meters. I quickly lost my inspiration and got very frustrated and I didn’t actually run again for about 4 months.