Reza Ali Photography – Portrait Portfolio

These are a selection of portraits I have taken. I have chosen portraits to show a variety of styles that I have pursued. Taking a picture is really easy but taking a portrait that shows the essence of a person requires more than technical knowled

My Journey in Mastering Portrait Photography

I wanted to show the changes and evolution I have gone though in my portrait work. Right from the very first portraits I took nearly 2 1/2 years ago until the very recent. What a journey. Lots of mistakes. Lots of learnings. Lots of fun. Lots of pain and anxiety.

So ladies and Gentlemen, I present you ‘My Journey in Masteting Portrait Photography’.

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Kids At The Harvest Center

I’ve added another slideshow of pictures taken during the Harvest Center Graduation Ceremony. The Harvest Center is an organisation that supports children, in particular children of refugees, in education using the Montessori Method. I’ll put more information on them as I find out. In the meantime you can read about The Harvest Centre. The Harvest …

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