Me and the 5km run

Running doesn’t come easy for me. In school, I remember having to do a cross country run twice a week and everytime I tried to do it, it was a disaster. There was a time limit set for each run which ranged from 30 mins to 1 hour 10 mins depending on the distance and route. Needless to say, it was a disaster everytime. Points were awarded for all runners which would go to the house tally. At the end of the term one of the houses would be awarded the Cross Country trophy. My contribution to the house points for cross country was remarkable for how negligible it was. Running was a painful exercise for me.

20 years later running has taken a new meaning for me. One fine day about a month ago (Dec 2010) I decided to start running as part of getting fit. I have a park near my house and I started to run in the park. I decided on the 5km distance because it was not too long so that it doesn’t required extreme endurance and it was not too short so I still have to push myself. Progress was slow. The first time I ran I had to run/jog for 1 lap and walk for another lap. Each lap is about 350 m (don’t ask me why the odd number) so I had to run 14 laps. My time for that was 68 mins. As slow as it was, I did feel good about it despite the numerous pain I had to endure in my shins, heels, knees and not to mention the extreme fatigue.

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About Reza Ali Reactivated

This was how it was.....

I coined the phrase ‘Reza Ali Reactivated’ because that’s exactly what I feel like because today, I resolve to compete in a triathlon.

What is about me that I can share that would make sense to people? Some of the more flattering descriptions people have used to describe me includes trainer, photographer, teacher, motivator. Pleasing to the ear and great for the ego. But I know that less than flattering descriptions have also been used which includes fat, obese, unfit, smoker.

I find myself dreading going to places where I would have to climb a flight of stairs for fear of running out of breath and breaking out into a sweat (and of course looking uncool). No matter how much money I spent on clothes, they never really made me look good and I began to not care what I looked like. Between 2008 and 2010 I gained a total of 20kg so my pants would only fit me if I squeeze every last inch of my waistline into the same belt that I used before. It was a great feeling when I was finally able to let the belt loose and restore normal circulation and size.

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Reza Ali Photography – Portrait Portfolio

These are a selection of portraits I have taken. I have chosen portraits to show a variety of styles that I have pursued. Taking a picture is really easy but taking a portrait that shows the essence of a person requires more than technical knowled