Race Report Port Dickson International Triathlon 23 July 2011

Race Report

PD International Triathlon

Sprint Distance

23 July 2011

I’ve been training for 7 months to get to this stage and this is a validation of all the effort I’ve put in. Obviously I’m still alive enough to write this Race Report. So here goes.

Swim 750m

It’s no secret that I am a weak swimmer. In fact, out of the 3 disciplines of the triathlon, swimming is by far the weakest of them all. I have had several disasters during swim especially in the Hoohathlon as well as the Triathlon Clinic I attended.

This morning I tried something new and went for a warm up swim at the beach for 20 minutes. And actually it felt great. After the swim, I walked slowly from the beach area to the Marina, getting ready for the pontoon start.

I hated the idea of starting from the pontoon. I think it’s because I have to jump right into the deep end. I waited around for 15 minutes before it was time to start swimming. When the horn blew, I didn’t give myself a chance to think about anything and just jumped in. My strategy was to do the breaststroke until I got comfortable with the water. Then I would switch to the freestyle.

When I jumped in I had to make sure that my goggle was tight and that no water seeped in. I could feel just a little droplet of water in my left eye and I hesitated to move forward and actually started to turn back. But I knew if I turned back all sorts of drama could happen so I decided to move forward instead of turning back.

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Race Report – Standard Chartered KL Marathon 10km 26 June 2011

The 10km race held during the Standard Chartered KL Marathon held on 26 June 2011 is my 7th race for 2011 (actually my 7th race ever). The Standard Chartered KL Marathon in the premier event in the running calender for Malaysia. And it did not disappoint.

Flag Off

Arrived there at about 6:45AM and made it just in time for the flag off (barely). I hade underestimated the traffic and parking and was relying purely on luck. We arrived at the venue much much earlier but couldn’t find any parking spots and the police had erected road blocks all over the place. Luck was really on our side as we found a nice parking space near Bank Negara. After parking the car we rushed to the start line for the 10km run (near the National Monument) and got there literally when the gun went off for the 10km run. Nothing to worry about through as there were thousands and thousands of people waiting to run at the starting line. Even when the gun went off I was still not moving. The slow shuffling itself took me about 10 minutes before I could start running.

When I did start running I was already quite warmed up and I settled into an easy pace. My strategy was to run easy for the first 5km and then pick up the pace for the final 5.

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Race Report – Hoohathlon 19 June 2011




After last nights disaster, I was hoping that today was free from drama. We arrived at the venue to pick up our race gear at about 6:15. As soon as I arrived, a few people had come up to me and asked, ‘are you Reza Ali’? Unbelievably, it turns out that they were actually people who follow my blog. So for a few brief moments I became a celebrity. The organisers were very enthusiastic about me turning up and had asked if they could interview me. I obliged (which was a big mistake) as I was rambling on and on. I can’t actually remember what I said. I hope the soundbytes are good. This is not the time to look like an idiot.

The most exciting thing for me during the pre race prep was getting my arms marked with my race number. I was told that I was the first one to register so I was given the race number ‘2001’ which I thought was quite cool.

After all that, it was time for me to start preparing my transition area. My bike (being racer 2001) was stationed right at the front near the bike exit area. We had gone through the transition area setup during the Triathlon Clinic and I was eager to put it into practice.

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Race Report – Larian Hari Keputeraan Sultan Azlan Shah 2011 7km



I have been looking forward to this race for awhile now as it’s my first ‘away race’. This race is held in honour of and to celebrate the birthday of His Majesty The Sultan Of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah. So I had high hopes for this running event and it did not disappoint.


Kuala Kangsar is about 3 hours away (by car) from KL. We too a drive yesterday and arrived about 5 PM. After settling the accommodation matters, we took a drive to survey the route (see here for my Pre Race Prep). After dinner and a bit of a drive, it was time to go to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a great day.

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Race Report – Larian Bomba 8 May 2011 10km



My fourth race of the 2011 season (I never thought of my years in terms of seasons before)- The Larian Bomba 2011 10km run held in celebration of the World’s Firefighter’s Day.

This particular race was full of drama for me and I learnt a lot about myself today.

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Race Report – Energizer Night Race 16 April 2011

At the finishing line…


The Energizer Night Race 2011 is touted as one the premier running event in Malaysia. It features a full 42.2 km marathon, a half marathon, an 11 km run and a 5.5 km fun run (yours truly had entered the fun run). What makes this race special is that it is held at the Sepang International Circuit (SIC), home of Malaysia’s Formula One race and that is enough to send people scrambling to enter. Well over ten thousand runners of all shapes and sizes had entered and the build up to the race is phenomenal. Everyone was talking about the Energizer Night Race (ENR) and after reading this Race Report, you will understand why everyone will continue to talk about it for years to come (though not for the reasons you might think).

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Race Report – World Kidney Run 20 March 2011


My second race ever

This morning I ran in the World Kidney Run 5km race held at Dataran Merdeka, which is the same venue as last weeks race, the FT Day 7km Run. I wrote about my pre race prep last night and one of the worries I had was not getting enough sleep. I hit the sack at about midnight last night and sure enough, I was not able to go to sleep until about 3:30 AM which gave me about 2 hours sleep. Needless to say, my energy level was at a low when I got up to get ready for the run. The thought of not waking up and missing the race did cross my mind but I knew I’d regret it big time later. So I got out of bed, had a shower, did my prayers and got ready to go. We got there at about 6:45AM and parked about 1.5km away from the starting line. This gave me a chance to do my slow warm up.

My warm up lasted about 30 minutes and consisted of a slow run to bring my heart rate from 50%+ MHR to 70% MHR. I have just discovered the importance of warming up and I wanted to make sure I follow all the best practices.

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Race Report- FT Day 2011 7km Run


I’ve done it. The FT Day 2011 7km run

What a surreal day. Last night I wrote about my pre race jitters. After I wrote that post, I tried to go to sleep but couldn’t. How do you sleep before a race. I tossed and turned on my bed for several hours until I finally nodded at 4:30 only to be rudely awaken at 5:30 by my alarm clock. I got up, had a shower, did my morning prayers and started to kit up.  Got to the startling line at about 7:00. The organisers had organised an aerobic workout as a warm up for the race. I have to say, I  was a bit moody and didn’t join in preferring instead to jog for a few minutes. Next time I have to stop being such a grump and join in whatever pre-race activities planned by the organisers. Good to see some of my cousin running in the same race as well. Also good to see colleague Terrence who turned up to support and take some pictures for me.

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Half marathon 21.1km – phew


21.1 km on the Polar

I did something really silly today. I ran a half marathon personal time trial.

It started very innocently. I wanted to run 10km as part of my weekly run. I specifically chose 2 PM to run as I wanted to get used to running in the mid afternoon sun. It was about 33 deg Celsius when I started running which is awfully hot. I had soaked my shirt and cap in water before I started and it became dry after about 30 minutes and I had to keep on soaking it in water in order to keep cool.

When I reached about 9km I still felt quite strong and felt that I was able to run to 15km so I decided to go for it. I still had a half full 1.5 litre water bottle that I brought with me and 2 bottles of drinking water left so I felt confident.