Mr Freeze

Walking in Bukit Bintang you can sometimes see strange and wonderful things. This fellow created quite a stir when he started his act. He just stood there motionless sometimes for minutes. Once in awhile he moves to a new position. I would love to see his eyes but I suppose he keep it hidden to hide the pain of discipline…

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Walkabout 22 October 2008

I went on walkabout today. Filled my bag with lots of film and just drove to the middle of Kuala Lumpur, parked the car and went walkabout.

During the walk, I went to Chow Kit Road which has a large market and people sell all sorts of stuff. It is also a place where you see a lot of disabled people sitting with small packets of tissue paper to sell. You buy them for about RM1.

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Me and My Pentax LX

One of my dear uncle who was an avid photographer (he passed away 4 years ago) gave me one of his old camera many years ago. It was a Pentax LX with an assortment of lenses like the Pentax SMC 50mm f/1.2. The Pentax LX is a classic camera brought out by Pentax to compete with the Canon F-1 and the Nikon F3 which was the top of the range cameras at that time. This is a camera that was built to last. I am not sure when my uncle bought his but I’m pretty sure that it must now be at least 20 years old. Apart from the sturdy construction, it also boasts a revolutionary metering technique which allows the camera to meter directly off the film plane which makes for truly accurate metering.

I decided to dig up the camera and sent it for servicing and am now taking pictures with it.

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