Daily Log 2 May 2011


In an effort to convince myself that my swimming is going well I went to the pool this afternoon just to have a feel of my swimming. I intended to swim 30 laps which would have made it 1500m. From the get go things were just not going well. In my anxiousness to prove that my swimming is going well I tried too hard. As a result I knew my swimming form had deteriorated. The smooth(ish) stroke I used to have was gone. Instead I was presenting what I think is an awful show of fishmanship. I was going to slow yet my heart rate was shooting up in the high 70s. I managed to swim 15 laps in 36 minutes (with lots of stops in between). I decided to stop the workout as it was just not going anywhere.

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>Weekly Log 18 – 24 April 2011

> Photo by Johan Sopiee MUSINGS AND THOUGHTS I’m watching a recording of the 2011 Boston Marathon as I write this and Kenya’s Geoffrey Mutai is about to run his last mile. What an amazing runner. I know he’s about to run the fastest marathon recorded with a time of 2 hours 3 mins 2 secs. If …

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Daily Log 24 April 2011


Ever had a bad day or even a miserable one? I’ve been having a bad week this week and it’s not a great feeling.

One of the most profound concept I have ever come across comes from Brian Tracy’s Change Your Thinking Change Your Life.  The book contains a lot of sound principles and the one that impacted me most is the concept of Self Ideal versus Self Image.

We go to movies and root for the hero and sometimes we fantasize and idealise that we are the heroes we are rooting for. Growing up, I used to daydream that I was the Jedi Knight destined to save the galaxy or the archeologist adventurer off to far away lands in my hat and bull whip or even the underdog boxing hopeful having to fight against all odds. It makes me feel good to become the hero, even if it is only in my mind.

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Daily Log 23 April 2011


Today is a really bad day as far as my emotions are concerned. I’ve had a sort of upheaval in the last 24 hours and have felt really let down by people around me. I suppose it is the time for that. I’ve been on a high over the last 6 months so perhaps it’s only natural to go through these periods.

Admittedly, some doubts have begun to creep into my thoughts. I think it was brought about by my 5.5km timing at the Energizer Night Race. I’m not improving on my time at all and it’s stagnant at about 8-9 mins per km. I know I have to acknowledge that I am still carrying a lot of excess weight and that my times would naturally get faster as I lose my weight. It still doesn’t leave me with much confidence.

We all go through doubts sometimes. What do we do about them?

Well, the first thing I do when I have doubts is to acknowledge the doubts (writing this bog is part of acknowledging doubts as I do write whatever comes to my mind when I write my Musings and Thoughts). Ignoring the doubts is probably the worse thing we can do.

Once the doubts are acknowledged, then we can go about dismantling the doubts bit by bit. For me, a major cause of the doubts is my own unhappiness regarding what has transpired over the last few days. I know I have to address those disappointments someday. That’s another story.

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