Street Performers – Motionless in Bukit Bintang

Street Performers

I love walking around in Bukit Bintang area in Kuala Lumpur. There’s always something interesting to see and to photograph. I went there last week armed with my camera and came across this street performer. He was covered in silver paint and sat there motionless for more than an hour at a time. People would stand (or sit) next to him, put their hands on his shoulder in all manners of poses but he just sits there.

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On the streets with an artist….

Taking a break

Leica M6 TTL
50mm f/2.0 Summicron
Fujicolour Pro 400H

Leica M6
50mm Summicron f/2.0 at f/2.0
Fujicolour Pro 400H

I went on walkabout today and went to Central Market hoping to see some unique characters. You can see a lot of artists here who make a living doing streetside portraits. This is one of them.

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Featured Portrait – Donald

This is the first portrait I’ve taken (which is not of myself) using all these wonderful lighting stuff I’ve been working on. This one is a simple setup using 2 lights. As usual, the tough part was managing the shadows. Stay tuned for more on how this image was taken.

Featured Portraits – Lina

After a longgggg break from taking portraits (about 2 months which is a lifetime to me. The images I posted in this period were all re-processed from older shoots) I picked up my camera and decided to go for broke. This image was taken as a result of that. One light (580 EX II) with …

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Featured Portrait – Hayda

This image was taken last year when I still had my 5D. I wanted to create a classic look with the lighting. This one was taken with just the modeling lights of 2 strobes, one on each side of her.. But the interesting thing about this image is the post-processing. This one was first converted …

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Featured Images – PETRONAS Twin Towers

This is one of the very first images that I took when I started photography nearly 2 years ago. The picture was taken with the Canon EOS 300D and 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens. I love this image because of a few reasons. Firstly, the PETRONAS Twin Towers has become an iconic building and people take …

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Featured Photos – U Turn

I took the 1D Mark III with the EF 85mm f/1.2 L out for a spin yesterday. The lens was fitted with an ND8 filter as I wanted to experience of shooting outside in the bright sun with the 85mm at f/1.2. I wanted more DOF for this image and set the aperture at f/4. …

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Featured Photo – Tall One

I found this interesting tea pot and I was fascinated by the shape. An image formed in my mind and I set out to bring that image to life. I knew that there could be an interesting play of shadows and light. It was mid afternoon and the sunlight was still harsh so I had …

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Featured Photo – Cuppa?

I was asked to take pictures of a Tea Shop. What a daunting assignment. The Tea Shop is a quaint one and is full of little suprises in every nook and cranny. I have done my test shots and will go back tommorow for the proper shoot. This picture is a relatively simple one. It …

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Featured Photo – Through The Door

This was part of my Machine Gun Exercise in the Seeing ith Right Eye Series. The more I look at this picture the more I like it. There’s just something about the way the door knob and the lines of the door and door-frame fit together. This picture was par tof 50 pictures that I …

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