Developing black & white film disasters……..

I have processed about 10 rolls of b&w film and there has been a lot of disasters and mishaps. I thought I share this firstly as part of my own learnings but also for the benefit of others.

Scratches, light leak
Thumbprint, scratches, light leak

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More problems with developing….

I just developed a few more rolls of film and am encountering more and more problems. I can see scratches, fogging, underdevelopment, low density, water spots. Pretty much all the usual problems I’ve read about.

So I have decided to put in some very rigid processes to improve the quality of the development. The main thing I am after is consistency and repeatability leading to predictable results.

So, these are the quality principles I am going to impose on myself:

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Results of 1st time developing film

Well. I have received all my scans back from yesterday’s adventure of developing my own film. Lots of mistakes especially in development time. There were also a lot of scratches in the earlier portion of film which came from my handling of it and trying to get it into the reel. But all in all I am deeply satisfied with the results.

Here are some of the pictures….

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Developing black and white film- success…..

Hip hip hooray. I’ve done it. I have developed my fist black and white film. You won’t believe how satisfying it was. I had a rill of Kodak T-Max 400 which I haven’t developed.  There were 2 things which was super difficult. I abandoned developing the Lucky SDH 100 because I can’t find the development …

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