On the streets with an artist….

Taking a break

Leica M6 TTL
50mm f/2.0 Summicron
Fujicolour Pro 400H

Leica M6
50mm Summicron f/2.0 at f/2.0
Fujicolour Pro 400H

I went on walkabout today and went to Central Market hoping to see some unique characters. You can see a lot of artists here who make a living doing streetside portraits. This is one of them.

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Hello Bird


I caught this image when I was traveling in India earlier this year. One of the places I visited was Fatehpur Sikre, 1 hour out of Agra which is the home of the famous Taj Mahal. I can’t wait to travel again as I think I have made some progress in the last 9 months with my photography. Certainly if I were to visit India again (and to the same places) I htink my images will be very different now. Definately the equipment will also be different.

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On Films and rangefinders….

It’s been nearly a week now since I got my Leica M6. I have shot a total of about 15 rolls of film in my efforts to master the type of photography that rangefinders can give. My initial impressions still remain the same. When I cannot depend on technology to make my decisions for me, I have to be more aware of what’s going on and have to think. What aperture? What’s the distance? What’s the shutter speed? Am I metering correctly? All this has to happen in about 3 seconds before I lose the moment. In essence, I have to do what a camera does (with all its processing power) in about as short a time. Pretty tough but that’s what photography is all about.
My first few pictures were so bad that I had a nasty feeling that I add the wrong decision. Focussing was off. Metering was off. Too little dof or too wide. But I made some images the other day which absolutely convince me that it was the right decision and I experience first hand the might of the Leica lens.

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Hyperfocal focussing

Fly Away

Leica M6 50mm f/2.0 Summicron
Fuji X-TRA 400

I love this image. Its a little grainy and attribute that to the consumer grade film which I am using. There’s a steep learning curve for me and the Fuji X-TRA 400 is cheap enough to finance my learnings. I’m now going to try professional film such as the velvia and see how it compares.

This image was taken from a moving car. I saw the birds coming my way. I had about 20 seconds to decide what to do. I decided to focus at the hyperfocal distance at f/8. I metered for the sky (which was getting dark) and focussed at the hyperfocal distance for f8 with a shutter speed of 1/500. I knew I had only 1 attempt at making the shot. I put the camera to me eye and as soon as the birds came into view the top branches of the tree came peeping out. I included the top branches and took the shot. All this happened in about 5 seconds. 1 shot was all that I could do.

This is one of the most useful learnings I got from using the Leica and its only been about 5 days. I find that I am actually faster using the all manual Leica than I am when using my dSLRs.

Focussing at the hyperfocal distance is easy.

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Study of bokeh

Study of Bokeh

I am experimenting a lot these days in an effort to discover new way of expressions through photography. One of the projects I’m doing is a study of bokeh or background blur. Its a simple project to conceptualise but very difficult to execute in my opinion. Here’s how…

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Portraits – Wirdalina


Canon EOS 1D Mark III
EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L at 46mm
1/300 f/4 ISO 100

Learning to utilise off camera flash has given my portrait work a new dimension. The easiest and quickest setup for me is to use 2 speedlites, 1 master mounted on camera as fill and the other as a slave acting as the main light. The master defaults to group A and set the slave as group B, set the speedlites on eTTL-II and control the ratio between the groups, make sure the main is placed to give a nice shadow effect relative to the fill on camera flash and there you have it.

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Featured Portrait – Little Zein

This one was a tough one to get right. It was in the middle of the day and the sun was high up and harsh. I set the shutter at 1/200 and aperture at f/10 so that the light from the sun was controlled. I then placed a speedlite 580 EXII directly to the boys …

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Featured Portraits – Lina

After a longgggg break from taking portraits (about 2 months which is a lifetime to me. The images I posted in this period were all re-processed from older shoots) I picked up my camera and decided to go for broke. This image was taken as a result of that. One light (580 EX II) with …

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Featured Photojournalism – Jama Masjid, New Delhi 2008

I took this image during my 2008 Tour of India’s ‘Triangle’ of New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. This one was taken at Jama Masjid in New Delhi. It was mid-afternoon and the sunlight was very nicely diffused making it perfect for these kind of images. The challenge in getting these kind of images is to …

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