Training Tip – How to start running 1


Planning to start running?
The worse thing you can do is to get out there and start running.
The best thing to do is to get out there and start running.
Well, I actually started running about a year ago. When exactly I forget. I got deeply inspired one day and went to look for my trainers and started running. I lasted exactly 1 minute and decided to call it off. I was heaving, puffing, panting and grasping for air by the end of the minute and I had run for about 50 meters. I quickly lost my inspiration and got very frustrated and I didn’t actually run again for about 4 months.

Daily Log 5 April 2011 – Swim and Run


Today is swim and run day and it was a great one.


There’s so many drills that I have to do in my swimming that I’m losing track of what I do. As far as I can remember, this is what I did tonight:

Slow pace freestyle (warm up) 4 x 50m
Superman glide 2 x 50m
Sculling None
Kickboard with Fins 4 x 50m
Kickboard no fins none
Freestyle with fins 4 x 50m
Touch and Go (aka Catch-up Stroke) with fins 2 x 50m
Thumb to Thigh with fins 2 x 50m
One arm front (none)
One armed freestyle with fins (none)
Closed Fist with fins 2 x 50m
Lazy arm none
Pull buoy freestyle 4 x 50m
Side kick with arm pull 4 x 50m
Moderate Freestyle 8 x 50m

Total Laps 36

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Another major milestone. I am officially under 100kg


The clothes I wore for both set of photos are the same

Stop. Drop everything. Listen up. Read all about it.

When I started my journey towards triathletism (is there such a word?), I weight in at 120kg (264 lb) and my waist measured at 116 cm (46 inches). I couldn’t run. I struggled to get up the stairs.

I decided to get fit and started to swim, bike and run. The journey has been a long one. There were lots of firsts like:

– my first 5km
my first 10km
– my first personal half-marathon
my first running event – the FT Day 2011 5 km run
– my first bicycle
my first proper swimming lesson
my first full body checkup

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Race Report- FT Day 2011 7km Run


I’ve done it. The FT Day 2011 7km run

What a surreal day. Last night I wrote about my pre race jitters. After I wrote that post, I tried to go to sleep but couldn’t. How do you sleep before a race. I tossed and turned on my bed for several hours until I finally nodded at 4:30 only to be rudely awaken at 5:30 by my alarm clock. I got up, had a shower, did my morning prayers and started to kit up.  Got to the startling line at about 7:00. The organisers had organised an aerobic workout as a warm up for the race. I have to say, I  was a bit moody and didn’t join in preferring instead to jog for a few minutes. Next time I have to stop being such a grump and join in whatever pre-race activities planned by the organisers. Good to see some of my cousin running in the same race as well. Also good to see colleague Terrence who turned up to support and take some pictures for me.

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Did my physical. The odds according to my family medical history is not so good….


On the treadmill during my ECG test…

Well folks. I had my complete medical check today. I went to Prince Court Medical Centre at 730 AM an checked in.

My family medical history is not so good. Some of the more worrying facts are:

1. Maternal grandfather had lung cancer
2. Maternal uncles suffers from severe heart conditions
3. Mother had brain tumour
3. Father had diabetes, hypertension severe heart conditions
4. Sibling has gout and hypertension

The list goes on and on. As I was telling the doctor my family medical history I started to panic as I thought the odds were against me on both sides of the family. Even my personal medical history was colourful. Doctors suspected that I suffered a heart attach nearly 6 years ago and had an angiogram done. That turned out to be a false positive but it was till worrying. Doctors also diagnosed me with mild hypertension with my systolic bp hovering in the high 140s.

On top of that there is a history of obesity on both sides of my family and I was severely obese being 35kg overweight.

Not so good news eh?

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My 3rd link in a triathlon, swimming……..


I taught myself how to swim about 8 years ago. It was a clumsy breaststroke. There was no technique in it. Just simple experimentation to figure out what can prevent me from sinking in the pool. When I managed to stay afloat I suprised myself by swimming 3.6 km in my small 30m pool at the condo. I had to do more than 100 laps and it took me about 5 slow hours. I felt quite accomplished at that time considering I had only learnt a few weeks before that.

My freestyle stroke leaves a lot to be desired and I find it impossible to sustain so I gave up. When I decided to complete in a triathlon, I knew I had to conquer a mountain to climb. I had to work on my running technique, my cycling technique and my freestyle technique. I’ve been working on my running about 75% of the time as it was my weakest link. The climax to my journey in running was about 2 weeks ago when I ran a half marathon.

Half marathon 21.1km – phew


21.1 km on the Polar

I did something really silly today. I ran a half marathon personal time trial.

It started very innocently. I wanted to run 10km as part of my weekly run. I specifically chose 2 PM to run as I wanted to get used to running in the mid afternoon sun. It was about 33 deg Celsius when I started running which is awfully hot. I had soaked my shirt and cap in water before I started and it became dry after about 30 minutes and I had to keep on soaking it in water in order to keep cool.

When I reached about 9km I still felt quite strong and felt that I was able to run to 15km so I decided to go for it. I still had a half full 1.5 litre water bottle that I brought with me and 2 bottles of drinking water left so I felt confident.

Brick run 20km bicycle 5km run


I did it. Smiling after more than

2 hours of cycling and running  

I decided after my 10km run last week that I am capable of doing more. So today I decided to do a 2/3 sprint triathlon consisting of a 20km bicycle ride and a 5km run. I’ve never really ridden the bike at such a distance as my focus for the moment is running. But today seems like a great day to set more milestones so right in the middle of the day with the sun high up in the sky I began my little expedition.

I chose to ride my Roo D3 Dahon Folding Bike. Although I do have a road race bike, A Helios Polygon, I’m having difficulty with the clip pedals as I’m still mastering getting my shoe cleats off of it. Also, I am planning to ride around the park and going on a road race bike seems to be a bit of an overkill. The folding bike is much more fun as well.