Reza Ali Photography – Portrait Portfolio

These are a selection of portraits I have taken. I have chosen portraits to show a variety of styles that I have pursued. Taking a picture is really easy but taking a portrait that shows the essence of a person requires more than technical knowled

Portraits – Daud

Portrait - Daud

Leica M6
50mm Summicron f/2.0
Kodak BW400CN
Scanner Canon 4400F

I have finally figured out the best settings for my scanner. And the best setting is to let the machine do its job. When I started scanning a couple of weeks ago I launched the scanner driver and started meddling with brightness, contrast and all that other good stuff and the pictures came out horribly. The scans were blurred, colour was awful and the images were just not worth the time. But I finally figured it out….

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Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Its finally here. I have been waiting for the replacement of the Canon 5D for the last 2 years now. The 5D was a great camera and the Mark II is destined to be greater still. The specs are awesome. 21 megapixel, hd video capabilities, better weather sealing and much more.

The sample pictures I’ve seen so far are also nothing short of amazing. A few lucky photographers have had a chance to try the camera out. Check them out here…

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Study of bokeh

Study of Bokeh

I am experimenting a lot these days in an effort to discover new way of expressions through photography. One of the projects I’m doing is a study of bokeh or background blur. Its a simple project to conceptualise but very difficult to execute in my opinion. Here’s how…

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Canon versus Nikon

Well. I don’t normally fall into the ‘trap’ of comparing camera systems especially between the Nikons and the Canons of this world. I have long ago passed the equipment obsession mode so many of us (in fact maybe all of us) seem to go through. I am happy with my Canon gear though I must admit I did go through a stage of contemplating the switch when the D3 was announced. The main reason for switching was the 200-400 f/4, the 200mm f/2 and the nicely priced full frame D3. I decided against it because I asked myself whether my photography would change as a result of the switch. I’m not one to go pixel peeping and comparing noise control especially between pro-level bodies. They all have their strengths and weaknesses and in the end, it just wasn’t compelling enough (especially because Nikon doesn’t have anything to complete with my EF 85mm f/1.2 L).

But making that decision to stick doesn’t stop me from being a bit envious of Nikon users and a bit peeved at Canon.

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Featured Portrait – Self Portrait

Reza- Self Portrait


Well. Not a bad shot though it was a pain to light myself properly. See how I managed to get this shot and the lighting diagram below.

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Canon Rebel XSi tv commercial

The new tv commercial for the Rebel XSi is way, way, way cool. You can view the commercial here. They’ve also released a behind the scenes look at how the commercial was made. They had 10 photographers who shot 70,000 images which was then arranged in a breathtaking collage. Most (if not all) of the …

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Canon EOS 1d Mark III Firmware update v1.2.3

Canon has released a firmware update (v1.2.3). ‘This firmware update (Version 1.2.3) incorporates the following improvements. Includes the following new features that were frequently requested by customers to the new firmware. Direct selection of AF points by the Multi-controller is added to C.Fn III-9. Alternate access to Exposure compensation is added to C.Fn IV-3. With …

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