Still working on my running technique but there’s some progress…

>Running has always been the one discipline that presents the greatest amount of risk in terms of injury but gives the greatest opportunity for fitness. Ever since I started running about 5 months ago (doesn’t seem so long ago) I’ve taken exceptional care to make sure I run with the proper running technique. I’ve gone to a running clinic, read as many books about it as I can and captured as many pictures and video footages of me running as I can so that improve my running form.

My greatest challenges remains the same as when I first wrote about my running problems. and you can see it in the video below,

You can see the heel strike as well as my legs hitting the ground and my knees hardly bending not to mention my pronating when you see my stride straight on.

I wrote in an earlier post my thoughts about commitment and improving and perfecting my stride is certainly something I am committed to. It’s not easy and I’ve hobbled back home a few times wincing in pain. Ice has been my best friend and it sometimes takes me an hour to ice every part of my legs from my ankles to my calfs to my knees.

Yesterday I took some video footage of me running just to see where I am at so that I know what to focus on in the coming few weeks. The greatest improvement has been my POSE technique (POSE running is a technuque developed by Dr Nicholas Romanov, a sports scientist and 2 time Olympic coach. Learn more about POSE Method here).

This is my current running form and it’s interesting to see the progression.

I think my butt getting smaller too…
Definitely a lot of difference between Dec and Jan especially my leg pull. Also my knees are nicely bent instead of straight in Dec.
The differences between Jan and March is more subtle. Arm position is better. More leaning forward. My kick is higher and you can see my knees are bent more on impact.
Going quite nicely I think.
But the front view is less exciting.
There’s virtually no improvement at all in my landing. I’m am still not landing in a neutral position and pronate heavily on both feet. This is not an ideal way to run and will result in injury so I’m quite grateful I haven’t been injured. If I wan to run the distances I have in mind, I need to get this handled. So from now on, I will start focussing on the landing and incorporate drills to improve it. First thing on the plan, research. I wonder what Dr Romanov will say about this???

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