Sometimes I feel I haven’t been born yet…

One of the things I do on a regular basis is to look at the work of other photographers. One of my favourite places to look on the net is the Magnum Photographers Website. They also do a cool blog called ‘The Photo Blog Of Magnum Photos‘. I get so inspired when I see the work and then when I look back at mine, depression sets in. As soon as I thought my photography has reached a certain level of excellence, I see the Magnum photos and I feel like I haven’t been born yet.

I recently a post on the Magnum Blog called Magnum In Motion talking about the future of photography and how technology could be used to intensify the experience of photograph whilst not sacrificing its integrity. We have all been exposed to slideshows of pictures, which comes with accompanied music and motion. What they’re talking about is an extension of that. Its not only about putting a song to some pictures but to create the experience of viewing pictures with the aid of music so that the viewer can ‘feel’ what’s going on. So instead of picking a song and setting the software to automatic timer, you take charge of the whole experience by careful timing, sequencing, song selection, colour/bw and even including audio of speech.

The other critical difference is to be able to give the viewer more control over his/her experience by a navigation tool. Order of the picture is important when you tell the story so giving the viewer the chance to skip the middle and go to the end may not be the best thing to do as you may lose impact.

One thing for certain, at the end of the day, it is still the story that matters. All this stuff really is just an aid to the story telling. But I have decided that I need to develop and enhance my skills on the computer to create something like the Chernobyl Legacy by Paul Fusco and Revolution by Burt Glinn.

I am now inspired to come up with my first multimedia essay…..

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