Shaping the vessel called Reza


Shameless plug..

Tonight marks the fourth time in as many days that I’ve been to the pool. I think there’s a desperate need for me to have a noticeable improvement in my technique though I don’t think that what I’m doing is of any help. I am swimming at a pace of about 100 secs per 50m and when I get to the end of the length I still find my heart rate to be in the 80% MHR which is still way to high for me to sustain. I really like it to be in the mid 70% MHR then I know I can sustain it for the time that I need to complete the distance.

I still feel the key to all this is to relax. I find myself still tensing up when I swim and the times that I managed to relax, I can feel myself gliding faster.

Apart from that, there are 2 major issues I have identified that I need to make sure is resolved very soon. First is the fact that I am taking breaths on my right side. I want to be able to breath on both sides and tonight I tried to. Breathing on the left feels very awkward and I seem to taking in more water than air. Hopefully my swimming coach can help rectify that when I see him next on saturday.

The second issue which may take considerably longer to get a grip on is that my right hand drive is far stronger than my left drive. I know I’m wasting a lot of energy because I can’t get my body aligned for my left hand drive as efficiently as I do my right hand. There’s also the fact that my right hand is far stronger than my left (no surprise there).  You can see my right hand being more muscular than my left from years of playing tennis and badminton with my right hand. This is one area that needs the gym I think.

It’s fun though to go through these things. I think I will cherish and enjoy the end result more with these challenges in front of me. Otherwise it’ll be too easy. If it’s too easy then everyone’ll do it.

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