Running, running and more running but this time better….


What a great day to run

My usual 5km today was very unusual and very satisfying. I have horrible running technique. You can see the video of it here. As a result of the technique issues, I used to suffer after every run. My calfs, hamstrings, heels, achilles tendon, you name it, it hurts.

I’ve been working on my running technique as well as reading up. One of the things that really excites me is POSE Method running (read about my journey of POSE Method here).

I still couldn’t get it quite right. I know my running technique has improved tremendously but I needed to make sure it’s as perfect as I can get as I don’t want to suffer injury. I’ve been working on drills to improve my technique but the progress seems to be very slow.
Today’s run started off as any other run. I did a slow run at 70% MHR (see this post if you want to know more about MHR) for the first 2 km. I then upped the tempo to 75% MHR and eventually ended at 85% MHR. It was when I hit the last 1 km that I realise that I’m running with a very light foot and my speed has increased. It felt as if my feet were spending less time on the ground (as it should be). My cadence got higher and I could feel my lifting much more easily and smoothly.

I can’t wait for the technique to settle so that I can video and analyse it. The last time I did that was aout 1 week ago and I could already see some changes. I’m going to continue working on it and nailing it so that I can then focus on biking and swimming technique.

3 months work of drills and work

If you want to get fit and more active, focus time on technique as it’ll make you faster, less prone to injury and make it more enjoyable.

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