Running and more running- with a little bit of cycling…


A bit arty today…

Yesterday I went for a quick run around the park. I thought I was in pretty good shape to run but discovered after about 1km into the run that I was very very fatigued. I pushed it till 3km and just gave up. Everything about the run felt wrong and I wasn’t enjoying myself at all. I was puzzled and frankly speaking a bit worried until I remembered that I hardly had anything to eat that day. I usually have a whopping breakfast and consume 50% of my calories for the day in the morning. I felt a bit lazy and had a small breakfast (some weetabix and cheerios) and skipped lunch. Boy did I pay for that. Lesson for the day and hopefully for the lifetime, I need food to fuel my workout and training. My daily calorie intake is now about 2100 cal. I read somewhere that some Ironman elites consume 7000 cal a day. How do they manage that? As it is I’m struggling to eat the food I’m supposed to eat.

Today I got up and made sure I had a big breakfast followed by a huge lunch and consumed twice the amount of carbohydrates that I usually take. I made sure I had enough fuel for my planned workout which is a brick 20km bike on the trainer and 5km on foot.

Today’s workout was definitely much better than yesterday’s. I noticed during my cycling that I don’t struggle as much as I used to. I would be panting and struggling after my 20km bike (how am I going to manage 180km I do not know). Today I cycled for about 46 mins to reach 20km on the trainer and sustained an average of 67& MHR.

The evening sun looked and felt
great today..

The run was more dramatic. I did the run at about 78% MHR which is higher than I had planned. During the run I got a bit anxious and wanted to push the pace which resulted in a higher heart rate. I also added some intervals during the last 1.5km. The odd thing is that my Polar registered my maximum heart rate for the session at 119% MHR which should not be possible. The only explanation is that the 180 beats per minute assumption for my maximum heart rate is way off base. I need to get a fitness test at the medical centre so that I can determine what my MHR is so that I can train in a more optimal manner.

I’m also a bit concerned about my feet as I can feel some strain at the top of my feet. It’s the same strain I felt when I first started running. Need to work on that technique again.

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