Race Report – Standard Chartered KL Marathon 10km 26 June 2011

The 10km race held during the Standard Chartered KL Marathon held on 26 June 2011 is my 7th race for 2011 (actually my 7th race ever). The Standard Chartered KL Marathon in the premier event in the running calender for Malaysia. And it did not disappoint.

Flag Off

Arrived there at about 6:45AM and made it just in time for the flag off (barely). I hade underestimated the traffic and parking and was relying purely on luck. We arrived at the venue much much earlier but couldn’t find any parking spots and the police had erected road blocks all over the place. Luck was really on our side as we found a nice parking space near Bank Negara. After parking the car we rushed to the start line for the 10km run (near the National Monument) and got there literally when the gun went off for the 10km run. Nothing to worry about through as there were thousands and thousands of people waiting to run at the starting line. Even when the gun went off I was still not moving. The slow shuffling itself took me about 10 minutes before I could start running.

When I did start running I was already quite warmed up and I settled into an easy pace. My strategy was to run easy for the first 5km and then pick up the pace for the final 5.

Kilometer 1

There wasn’t any run to run fast during the first 1km anyway as there were too many people. That worked out quite nicely as I didn’t want to run fast at the early stages of the run anyway. The first 1km was quite nice actually as we got to run on Lebuhraya Mahameru whidch is one of the main highways cutting through KL. There were some inclines during the first km which I’m happy to say, didn’t bother me at all. I just reduced my stride length during the inclines and my heart rate was fine. Actually it was really rocking at 75% which is a great improvement over my previous starts (my heart rate used to go as high as 88% at the start of races). I was cruising and enjoying the run.

Kilometer 2 to 5

We had to cut through Brickfields to get to the halfway mark which is a real treat for me. I haven’t been in this area for a long time and recently Brickfields had received a major makeover and is now dunned Little India. The place looks quite brilliant actually and there large crowds of people along the roads cheering us on (or maybe they were puzzled by the strange people running for no other reason then to simply run.

There were cheering teams along the way and they were doing their best to cheer the runners on. I was feeling a bit cheeky and cheered the cheering teams to cheer louder (which they did).

Half way Point

The 5km mark is on Jalan Syed Putra and they had set up water stations and the portabale toilets at this location. I had my own supply of fluids on my fuel belt so I wasn’t too concerned with getting water which was a good thing as the place was packed. So far I’ve been running for about 42 mins which is a great time for 5km.

Kilometer 6

I passed the half way point safely and started to really enjoy the run. Now it’s countdown time and the finish line seemed to get closer and closer. When I got to the 6km marker, it all went downhill for me. I stopped running and started walking. For no reason other than I wanted to walk. I wasn’t tired, I was running at a good pace and was about to kick up my pace form 9mins per km to 8mins per km. The plan was to run at this faster pace until the final km where I would go for a 7mins per km pace.Because I stopped running, that plan went down the drain.

I still can’t figure out why I stopped running. This has happened in all my races so far. I am a believer in the fact that there was nothing wrong with walking but not when there’s no reason to. Looking back I think there was no need for me to walk at all.

Anyway, no use in crying over spilt milk. I walked for about 3 mins before I started running again. I would walk for at least four more times in the final 4km of the race.

Kilometer 7-9

This walk run thing that was going on was really interrupting my rhythm. And I was yo-yoing for 3km. The good thing is that I did manage to run the last (and longest) incline at the Bukit Aman area.After that incline I was running all the way pass Lake Garden and ended back at the starting line, passed it and went on the way to Bank Negara. Once I passed Bank Negara I can already hear the roar of the finishing line but I had 1km to go. This time I was running at my 8mins per km pace and was feeling great and ready for the final kick to the finishing line. On Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman I can feel my pace getting faster and faster and I started to just trust my legs to take me all the way to the finishing line.


Anbout 300m from the finishing line, I stopped running and started running. It lasted for about 20 secs before I started running again this time into a sprint. I arrived at the finishing line in 92 mins 56 secs. Just a few seconds faster then my Larian Bomba 10km of 93 mins 01 secs.

The seemed like there were a million peole at the finishing line though I must say the organisers did a fantastic job of managing the crowd. Got my finishers medal (woo hoo) and started cheering the Marathon and half-marathon runners at the exact same spot where I walked 300m from the finishing line. We stood there for about 45 mins clapping and cheering the marathoners on. I think we were louder than the official cheerleaders. That sort of made up for the mess I created during my run. I can’t wait to do my first half marathon.


Both my ankles were in pain after the run and I had to ice them down for an hour back at home. I also have some severe chaffing where my heart rate monitor strap is placed which is a first for me. I need to start using Glide to make sure I don’t get any chaffing cause it hurts.

Race Analysis

I can’t figure out wy I started walking at the 6km mark and I think I really need to work this out in my head. I can understand it if I’m running at a fast pace but at the pace I was running at, I should have been able to sustain it for much much farther than 10km.

Gratitude time

Congratulations to the winners of the 2011 Standard Chartered KL Marathon.

Many thanks to Standard Chartered as title sponsors for the KL Marathon as well as the other sponsors

The race organisers also deserve a pat on the back for a job well done.

Many thanks to the volunteers who made it happen.

Many thanks to the medical teams on standby for taking care of people in distress.

Many thanks to the Police for keeping us safe from traffic.

Many thanks to RELA for their support.

Special thanks to Johan Sopiee who came to take pictures of me.

Final thanks to all runners in all distances for inspiring me.

Offical winners for the 2011 Standard Chartered KL Marathon can be found here.

Race Results for the Standard Chartered KLMarathon can be found here.

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  1. that “just a lil bit more.. you can do it~!.. lagi sikit~!..” cheer where Bukit Tungku ends REALLY helps.. thankyou sir!

    • Hi Wan. I’m so happy you wrote in. I didn’t actually know if it made a difference or not so you really made my day when you wrote in. Cheering people on is the best part of these events. Congrats on the finishing the run.

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