Pre Race Prep – World Kidney Run 20 March 2011


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OK. It’s that time again. I’m running in my second race ever and my first 5km event. The World Kidney Run 2011 will be held tomorrow morning. I’ve entered the Junior Veteran Group. Registration time is 7AM and flag off is at 7:30. The route will be similar to the route I ran last week during the FT Day 2011 7km run (less 2km of course). I really learnt a lot from that race and will make changes tomorrow.

These are the major changes I’ll be making:

1. SLEEP. I didn’t have much sleep before the race last week. In fact I hardly slept at all. Tonight, right after writing this post I’m hitting the sack. I have to be up by 5:45 tomorrow which will give me about 6+ hours sleep. Of course thats assuming I sleep immediately.
2. Warm up for a full 15 minutes gradually brining my heart rate from 50%+ to 65% and eventually to 70% MHR by the time I’m supposed to start running.
3. No following of the crowd. I’m going to run at my own pace and not be influenced by the moment.
4. Run first 500m at 70% MHR, increase to 75% MHR for the next 1 km, 80% MHR for the next 2 km, 85% for the next 1 km and go to 85% and beyond for the last 500m. I find myself a slow starter and I need to increase my pace gradually.
5. Smaller steps for the hill portion of the  race. Last week I nearly blew the hole race when I encountered the hills. I haven’t had time to get used to hill running yet so tomorrow I’m going to take it easy for the hills.

My target for tomorrow is as follows:

Bronze 45:01-50 minutes
Silver 39:31- 45:00 minutes
Gold Below 39:30 secs

My personal best is currently 39:30 which I ran in January. That wasn’t in a race situation and I times it myself.

The biggest pre race jitters is not getting enough sleep as well as not waking up on time. Need to set all my alarm clocks to sing to me tomorrow. As far as the race is concerned, the biggest fear concerns the hilly portion of the run. I’m used to running 5km and it’s currently my usual distance. I’m pretty confident of a bronze, optimistic for a silver. Gold is a different matter. I’m going to visualise a gold tonight. To get a gold I need to run at a pace of about 2:40 lap around my usual running location, the park near home. I usually reach that pace comfortably at about the last 3rd of the 5km but as I said, I am a slow starter and I need to gradually go to that pace.

Anyway, I’m very excited about the race. We got the racing T-shirt and bib yesterday and the T-shirt looks so cool. Can’t wait. Wish me luck…

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