Post shot processing

It’s been awhile since I wrote something here. I have been busy experimenting with new stuff both at the shot stage as well as the processing stage.

I bought the book ‘Skin‘ awhile back and have only been able to look through the book recently and learn new stuff.

I have to say that I wish I had paid more attention to this book especially in the area of processing portrait shots as my output (both prints and for the internet) has changed dramatically. Below are examples of a portrait shot I took during my trip to Cambodia. The image was processed based on what I knew then as far as post processing work is concerned and this was image I uploaded in the internet many almost a year ago.

Directly below the image is the new version based on what I learned from the book. The differences in the look as well as the feel is amazing to me.

Cambodia Portraits

Cambodia December 08, 2007-107-Edit

Another one. Not the same shot but they were taken a few seconds apart.

Cambodia Portraits

Cambodia December 10, 2007-91-Edit

Here are some more new ones I have processed….

Cambodia December 08, 2007-261-Edit

Cambodia December 09, 2007-1331-Edit

Cambodia December 09, 2007-781-Edit-5

What’s even more amazing is that it only took me about 10 minutes to learn and apply. The rest of it now is just tweaking and gaining more understanding. Just goes to show that as a photographer, learning never ends….

The book is written by Lee Varis and I highly recommend it….

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