On Films and rangefinders….

It’s been nearly a week now since I got my Leica M6. I have shot a total of about 15 rolls of film in my efforts to master the type of photography that rangefinders can give. My initial impressions still remain the same. When I cannot depend on technology to make my decisions for me, I have to be more aware of what’s going on and have to think. What aperture? What’s the distance? What’s the shutter speed? Am I metering correctly? All this has to happen in about 3 seconds before I lose the moment. In essence, I have to do what a camera does (with all its processing power) in about as short a time. Pretty tough but that’s what photography is all about.
My first few pictures were so bad that I had a nasty feeling that I add the wrong decision. Focussing was off. Metering was off. Too little dof or too wide. But I made some images the other day which absolutely convince me that it was the right decision and I experience first hand the might of the Leica lens.

This image was taken indoors with ambient light. Aperture was at about f/4 and shutter speed at about 1/100. The film was the Fuji 400H Pro film. I was absolutely blown away by this image. Its remarkably sharp (maybe too sharp), the colours are glorious (although I did do some PS work to bring out the colours) and its just breathtaking.

I haven’t picked up my Canon since I got my Leica. Just doesn’t sit well in my hands anymore. Maybe if I get enough confidence with the Leica I’ll sell off my Canon, get another M6 (or even the M8.2) with the 35mm or 75mm lux (or both) and I am set.

One of the first things I’m doing now is asking around my photographer friends who do weddings whether they would mind me tagging along with my M6 just to get the feel how it (and me) performs under the pressure of a wedding.

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