Of Planes And Prayer

Those who know me well would know I had an intense fear or flying which I developed after a turbulent flight. 

When forced to fly, I would be paralysed in my seat, I couldn’t eat, it took me ages to get from my seat to the toilet as I inched step by step, every bump in the air would skyrocket my heart beat, I couldn’t look out the window. 

It’ll be the same whether it’s a 45 minute local flight or a 13 hour flight to Europe, whether it’s a 747 or an Airbus, whether it’s Malaysian Airlines or British Airways. 

If I had to go through that recent Air Asia flight washing machine malfunction, I would probably seriously collapse from anxiety or worse. 

It’s not about faith or trust or redha. Trust me, I don’t think my thoughts or prayer to The Almighty would  be as crystal clear as it would be in any other situation. 

What I need from the pilot is absolute calmness which is what they ate trained to behave. And from the recordings I have heard, that calmness was not there. 
Maybe some people would find it reassuring to hear the Captain day what was said.
I know I won’t be and that does not make me any less of a believer. 

Ps. I’m less of a basket case now when it comes to flying. It doesn’t mean I am less fearful. I think it means I am more accepting of fate and more reliance on Allah AWJ. 

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