Of Kings and Bersih

Bersih is an organisation promoting free and fair elections in Malaysia. Whilst I wouldn’t go into a detail commentary over what happened (I’m sure a search on google will yield many sites that do), I do think perhaps a different approach would have been better now (or in the future). The whole protest was tauted as organised by Bersih and the opposition parties therefore the perception will be that this is an anti-government rally. I somehow wished that it could have been free of politics i.e. it’s not tied in with any political party (and therefore doesn’t need any endorsements from any of them) and that it’s a gathering of concerned citizens from those who support the government or the opposition (or heck even those who don’t support either). I think it would have gotten a better response. The way it was promoted (as being supported and endorsed by the opposition parties), do people actually think that the government would just allow it to happen (rightly or wrongly) without intervention?

An update of musings on this matter can be found here…..

Update: I’m actually quite shocked that in the last hour since I wrote this musing, more than 70 people have clicked on it, I think because somewhow this musing was tagged by Malaysiakini.com on their fromnt page. Hmmmm. Have been warned that I can get myself on a watch list if I’m not careful. How do I become careful eh? Anyway, those who read this, you’re welcome to spend some time looking at the images from my photography as well as the lessons I have painfully written. That’s be a thrill for me to see those numbers go up…….

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