My Recommended Reading List

What are your top ten books? I love reading books. I always have. Going to a book store is one of my favourite past times. In the last 3 years alone I have bought more than 200 books. Some I would scan through whilst others I would read word for word, line by line.
So I decided to write a post about my top ten books of all time. For this purpose I would focus on fiction and instructional books and not the non-fiction. These books are books that had a profound impact on me, maybe even life changing. There is no particular order of listing or preference other than the list being alphabetical.
Brain Training For Runnersby Matt FitzgeraldI started running in 2010. At the beginning it was a deeply painful experience for me as I didn’t have a clue about how to run. I ended up not making any improvements and was on the verge of giving up. This book changed all that. There is a science to running that is beyond the mechanics and the motions. It involves training the mind and being smart at it. A must read if you’re want to get off the couch and start running.

Seven years ago, in 2005 I started to learn how to draw (I was a hopeless artist then though slightly less hopeless now because of this book). When I started to research the internet drawing tips I always came across Drawing From The Right Side OF The Brain. Literally every website on drawing was making reference to it. SO I decided to buy the book. I can seriously say that this book changed my whole perception of not only drawing but also on how I see the world and every training program I design has elements suggested by this book. A must read for not only those who want to draw but those looking for a different way of seeing.

Good To Great by Jim Collins

I read to Good To Great when I attended The Business School For Entrepreneurs. Though Jim Collins writes about excellence and greatness of companies, the principles articulated in the book are equally applicable to the person. If you want to build a company that endures or if you want a way to change your life, this is the book for you.

Mastery by George Leonard

This is one of the most recent addition to this list. I didn’t read a review of it. I didn’t know such a book existed. I have never heard of the author George Leonard. The only thing that caught my eye was the title – Mastery. I bought it immediately after flicking through the contents in the book. If you want to learn a way of learning, this is a book for you.

The Accelerated Learning Handbookby David MeierThe copy I have is not mine. It was lent to me by a friend and I can’t seem to find a copy for my library. This book is all about learning, specifically accelerated learning. If you’re a trainer or conduct seminars of workshops, you have to read this book which gives you principles, frameworks and strategies on how to create learning programs and workshops that will have a great and lasting impact on your participants.
The E-Myth Revisited by Michael GerberThe same friend who lent me The Accelerated Learning Handbook insisted I read The E-Myth Revisited. I resisted for a while until I gave into the pestering. This book, along with its companion workbook E-Myth Mastery, should be made required reading for anyone wanting to start a business. I literally changed the way of doing business because of this book.
The 4-Hour Work Weekby Timothy Ferriss

I saw this in the book shop and remember thinking that this is one of those hyped up books. I didn’t bother picking it up the first time I saw it. The second time I saw it I picked it up to read the back cover. Still didn’t buy the book. The third time I started flipping through the book. Didn’t buy it. I bought it the fourth time and it was left on the shelf for a few weeks. One fine day I finally started reading it and found that I couldn’t put it down. I’m still in the process of implementing some of the things I learnt from the book. A must read if you do really want a 4-Hour Work Week.

The MIllionaire Messengerby Brendon Burchard

I first came across Brendan Burchard when I was researching for strategies and steps of creating public seminars and workshops. I went to his website and was immediately greeted with a video. This video was 45 minutes long. It’s tough to get people to pay attention to your video for 5 minutes let alone 45 minutes. Yet, for the entire 45 minutes I sat taking notes and getting aha moments. I went to the bookshop specifically to buy this book. I didn’t flip through it. Didn’t look at the table of contents. Didn’t even look at the price. But for the next 6 hours of reading the book I had destroyed the newness of the book with my own notes on the side. A must read if you want a strategy on becoming an expert in your field and derive an income from it.

This is the first book I read on this list. I read The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People nearly twenty years ago.At that time I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do. It was also a tough time for me financially and emotionally. This book gave me a sense of direction as well as a strategy for change. I still read it now and I know I will keep reading it in the future.

The Talent Codeby Daniel Coyle

The Talent Code, like George Leonard’s Mastery book above, is all about the never-ending journey towards mastering a skill. You can learn anything if you learn how to learn anything. Whether it’s in sports or music or arts or even business, you have to read this book. It will give you hope if you feel you are, like me, not good at what you want or need to be good at.

There you. This is my list of recommended books..
Do you have a list of books that had a profound impact on your life?

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