>My new toy- Olumpus Mju Tough 8010 Digital Camera


Are my goggles too big?   

I bought a  new toy today, an Olympus Mju Tough 8010 digital camera. I already have a lot of cameras including dSLRs with an assortment of exotic lenses as well as a Leica digital rangefinder plus a few digital compacts so why on earth would I buy a new camera. Simple. This is is waterproof up to 10m. I make it a point to record my journey in getting fit and somehow the iPhone 3G that I always use is not making the cut anymore. I run in all sorts of weather and I need a camera that can run with me anywhere in any weather. I also want to record my swimming escapades. This little baby can take both still images at 14mp as well as 720p HD video.

The picture and video quality isn’t something to shout about but for the price I paid (RM999 or about USD300), it is really good value for money. As soon as I took my first pics I knew I made the right choice and that I’ll have a lot of fun using it. Being waterproof and shock proof makes it very Reza proof. I have to say, it looks and feels very very TOUGH so well done Olympus. My littlest complain? I wished they make buttons bigger and more colourful.

Here’s a pic of me taken with the camera:

Me showing off my top personalised with Reza Ali Reactivated  

I took some video too but will edit and upload later. The best thing about this camera is that it now allows me to combine my love of photography with my new found love for the triathlon.

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