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Customer service is sometimes a bit of a challenge for all of us. I have to admit. I’m a bit finicky when it comes to customer services. I do expect a certain level of service from people. For the longest time the experience of buying stuff from shops or ordering things on line has been lacklustre so I’ve given up.

I had an extremely wonderful experience this morning which has restored my faith.

I’ve been trying to register for the hoohathlon which is organised by (more on the actual event later). Last night I logged on to the website and began filling in my details. There was a glitch when I proceeded to the payment page and I couldn’t make payment. It was a bit puzzling as I have registered though before for the NTV 7 Feel Good Run.

I’m the kind of person who likes to continue doing it until I get through. After 11 attempts over 2 hours I gave up and decided to leave it for the night and try again later.

This morning I received a call from Mr Suren from apologising for the inconvenience and offering help and support.

What a fantastically wonderful feeling to get such brilliant service. I wasn’t even mad at them (well I was mad at the payment system but not at anyone in particular).

He asked what I did so I explained. I told them that I’ll try again and let them know of the progress. He even gave me a small token as a gesture for the inconvenience I went through.


So I tried again and failed. I decided to switch to Safari (instead of Google Chrome) and the payment went through.

Anyway, we must give credit and acknowledge people like Mr Suren and

Suren and Thanks for helping me sort my problems out. This is one of the best customer service experience I’ve ever had.


I would classify the hoohathlon as a micro fun trathlon. You get to swim 150m in the Putrajaya lake, bike for 10km and run for 5km. It’s a perfect way for me to get the triathlon experience before my Sprint Triathlon in PD.

The Hoohathlon starts at 7.30am on Sunday, 19th June 2011 at Kompleks Sukan Air, Presint 6, Putrajaya. (Located next to the scenic Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Hotels & Resorts).

I’m really looking forward to the hoohathlon as it’ll give me my first experience swimming in open water (well openish anyway but still different from the pool). It’ll also give me a chance to put the whole swimming, cycling, running and transitioning stuff together.

If anyone’s interested to enter, you can go to the hoohathlon page. Even if you’re not interested in triathlons, this is a great way to experience it.

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