More problems with developing….

I just developed a few more rolls of film and am encountering more and more problems. I can see scratches, fogging, underdevelopment, low density, water spots. Pretty much all the usual problems I’ve read about.

So I have decided to put in some very rigid processes to improve the quality of the development. The main thing I am after is consistency and repeatability leading to predictable results.

So, these are the quality principles I am going to impose on myself:

1. Pick a film and 1 developer/fixer combination

2. use only distilled water throughout the entire process
3. use development time at ambient temperature (24deg) and not mess with cooling with ice
4. Don’t recycle developer
5. Take better images

Anyway, I am going to start with picking a film and developer. Maybe Ilford 100 Delta or Kodak T-Max or even the China made Lucky film. Because of cost issues I will probably pick the Lucky film and progress to other stuff once I have mastered it.

I am also going to see if I can get Kodak D-76 or Ilford ID-11 developer.

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