Merdeka Award

‘The Merdeka Award was established by its Founders, namely ExxonMobil, PETRONAS and Shell, on the 27th August 2007. It is an award that aims to recognise and reward Malaysians and non-Malaysians who have made outstanding contribution to the people of Malaysia in their respective fields.

It is named the Merdeka Award to commemorate the true spirit of independence which transcends the conventional definition of national sovereignty. It explores the liberation of the mind and spirit – factors which foster the realisation of human potential and the pursuit of excellence. The Merdeka Award aims at the encouragement of going beyond the ordinary and of stretching beyond comfort zones aspiring to create a new mindset among Malaysians.

The Merdeka Award thus celebrates and rewards the independence of the mind and spirit, the strength of character and integrity that underpin meaningful achievement and the creativity and vision that enables greatness’.

Taken from the Merdeka Award website.

Merdeka Award

Check out this image of mine used for the home page of the Merdeka Award.

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