Me and my running…


I pass this graffiti every time I run..

(Original post 27 January 2011)

I wrote earlier about how running has always been a painful exercise to me. I never liked running as I was never really any good at it. I use to dread tuesday and saturday afternoons in school as I had to do cross-country runs on those days.
When I started my get fit journey last year, I bought myself a Reebok c5.1e elliptical trainer from Fitness Concept. I shied away from getting a treadmill as I didn’t want to do any running at all.
That all changed in december last year. Although many people say that reality tv distorts reality, I am a very avid follower of NBC’s Biggest Loser Show. I suppose I watch it both for the drama but also to get for the many inspiring stories in it. ASTRO was showing reruns of the Biggest Loser Season 7. Astro was showing episodes on a daily basis so we get to see the transformation and changes take place every day. It was November 5th 2011 and ASTRO was showing the rerun of the 18th Episode of Season 7 when the remaining contestants Helen Phillips, Mike Morelli, Tara Costa and Ron Morelli were told they had to complete a full 42km marathon as one of the challenges.

It was amazing to see them run the marathon. Tara came in first with a time of 4 hrs 55 mins. To think that 18 weeks ago (or in my case 36 days ago when ASTRO started to show half episodes per day) these same contestants were physically unfit, obese (some morbidly obese) and had mobility problems and now they are running a marathon got me really thinking about my own issues with running.

I thought to myself. If they can do it, I can do it too. I decided that night to start running. The very next day I started to do my research on form and technique and prevention of injury and the rest is history.
So Helen, Mike, Tara and Ron, thanks for inspiring me. If you ever read this, I want to let you know that when you changed your life, you changed mine too.

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