Me and my new toys today….


Check out my personalised top…

Mondays are supposed to be an easy day for me. But I bought new swimming gear today and I couldn’t resist going into the pool especially to make up for yesterday’s let down. I needed some new swimming shorts so I stopped by a Speedo outlet and bought a Thinswim 1.0 swimming shorts. It’s very different from the usual swim shorts I am used to. This one feels rubbery to the touch and is made from the same stuff that the wet suits are made of. When I tried it, it was barely a fit and was very very very tight. But I knew that these things have a strange way of fitting differently in the water. Sure enough when I hit the water it loosened up a felt very comfortable.

I had done a lot of reading over the last few days on Total Immersion Swimming. There’s a lot of free stuff on their site including a particularly useful pdf on drills and technique. So I tried out some of the drills. I think it really helped me as I was able 2 lengths of the pool and not feel like I’m gonna collapse any second. I did have a sort of major blow out later when I took the trunks off as body parts sort off went berserk from all the tight confinement. I swished I had bought the top though. I have to admit I still feel a bit self conscious especially around the pool. Have to care less about that and get that top.

All in all I swam for 200m before I stopped and started to have fun with my other new toy, the water proof Olympus Mju Tough 8010 digital camera.

I took some video and will upload later once I’m done editing.

In a nutshell, today was very satisfying.

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