Kick kick and more kick then recover


Need air..

I had my second swimming lesson today and the themes were kicking and recovery. I have never been a fan of kicking my legs in the pool. Not because of any technique issues but because its so hard. I find that kicking my legs during swimming is a sure fire way of getting my heart beat up.

Today, my swimming coach, introduced me to the painful world of kicking, specifically kicking while I’m about to glide in the water. I’m a bit clumsy doing it and I’m not able to sustain it for any longer than 25m in the pool. Still, I do know that I am swimming slightly faster because I am kicking.

The second thing I have to work on is my recovery. I’ve been leading with my palm instead of my elbows. I think the picture illustrates my wrong technique quite well.

So what should the actual recovery be? I obviously don’t have a pic of me doing it correctly. But I found one of Michael Phelps with a perfect stroke here.

Enough said right?

If this is perfect form, then I’ve got a long way to go.

But I don’t think it’s the end of the world yet. Give me a few more weeks and let’s see what happens.

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