Getting the hang of swimming…


The  pool where I spend
my time pretending to be a fish

Tonight I swam for the first time after my first lesson in relearning how to swim. The pool was divided into 2 with one side devoted to what teenagers destined for swimming greatness and the other side was devoted to those who are destined for the more mortals (like me). I started off tentatively and went back to my old form of swimming, which is a nice way to say it went really bad. I had to slow down and remember the simple drills that I learnt on saturday. Hoping meanwhile that nobody was watching me. I do actually had the feeling that everyone in the pool was watching me in my efforts to look cool while swimming. Once I settled down it went a bit better especially when I went into the ‘I don’t care what people think of me’ mode.

One of the things I noticed today was that I was swimming at nearly 85% Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) which is way to high if I want to for endurance swimming. I know definitely that my strokes are still inefficient. I have to start working on some drills to improve the technique. I had agreed with my swimming coach that the next lesson won’t be for another 2 to 3 weeks.
My immediate objective is to be able to swim 1 lap of the 50m pool. When I swam on saturday I managed about 20m. Tonight I was able to push it to 30m. At this moment I can’t even fathom swimming 750m open water which is what the sprint triathlon requires me to do. Still, if my running is anything to go by, I should be able to swim confidently if I keep working on my technique.
Now, life gets interesting as I I have to juggle between swimming, running and cycling and not to mention strength training and work in the gym. On top of that I still have to run my business and conduct my training.
Despite all that, I am having the time of my life. Everyday brings new discovery and new challenges.


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