Featured Photojournalism – Girl waving a flag during Merdeka

Merdeka Day Parade (472).JPG

I took this image on 31st August 2007 during the Merdeka Parade in Kuala Lumpur. Everyone was in a joyful mood that day and nationalistic pride was high.

She was on her dad’s shoulder and I was taking pictures when the father sort of signalled to me to take pictures and I snapped away. I was tempted to zoom in on her face (and I did have some close-ups) but I decided that the most memorable picture would be one which included the flag.

I gave them my mobile number but they never called which is a shame as I’m sure they would have loved this picture.

Canon 1D III
70-200mm f/2.8 L IS at 125mm
f/3.2 1/200 ISO 200 Aperture Priority

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