Featured Book – The Practical Zone System

Book Cover

The Practical Zone System for Film and Digital Photography
by Chris Johnson
Publised by Focal Press
1st published 2007

Continuing my journey into black and white photography, I decided to study in depth the Zone System as developed by Ansel Adams. Chris Johnson was a student of Adams and in this books explains the digital processes involved in the old technique. This is a complex book to read and study because you are in the realm of detail. Every nuances and pixels are looked into as part of the process of creating the perfect image.

The book is divided into 10 chapters covering everything you need to know from exposure management, assigning zones, developing and printing. This new edition includes a new chapter specifically designed for digital photography.

This is one of my primary resource books for black and white. This is a book that requires careful reading and re-reading and referencing. If you want to master the technique for digital zone system, this is a book for you. If youy’re not going to spend the time to refer to this book constantly then you’re better of with something lighter. For me, I feel it contains all that I need for now to learn the zone system.

Highly recommended for serious ethusiasts…

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